10961 – Foxfire® Men’s 100% Cotton Flannel Nightshirt 48″



You can’t beat 100% cotton yarn-dyed flannel on a cold night.  Foxfire’s® 48″ flannel night shirt has a 3-button placket front.

A left chest pocket, and long sleeves.  Yarn-dyed means that the garment will look great for its entire life. 

The pattern is woven right into the cloth.  These nightshirts come in to us in assorted plaids and stripes. 

The patterns shown are representative of the kind or color we might have at any given time. 

If you want a certain predominant color or plaid, please call us toll free at 1-800-962-6166, and we can tell you what we have in your size. 

Otherwise, just order online and we will pick a pattern for you.

Regular sizes S-M and L-XL are $36.98 each.  Big Man sizes 1XL-2XL and 3XL-4XL are $42.98 each, 5XL-6XL and 7XL-8XL are $49.98 each. 

Tall Man sizes 1XLT-2XLT and 3XLT-4XLT are $42.98 each.  5XLT-6XLT are $49.98 each.

Approximate chest sizes are listed below.  Big Man sizes are fuller cut around the stomach area. 

Tall Man sizes are about 3 to 4 inches longer than regular sizes.  Import.

Size Approximate Chest Measurement
S-M 36″ – 40″
L-XL 44” – 48″
1XL-2XL 48” – 52″
3XL-4XL 56″ – 60″
5XL-6XL 64” – 68″
7XL-8XL 72” – 76″

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S-M, L-XL, 1XL-2XL Big, 3XL-4XL Big, 5XL-6XL Big, 7XL-8XL Big, 1XL-2XL Tall, 3XL-4XL Tall, 5XL-6XL Tall


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